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You Know You Work In A Great Neighborhood When…

On my way to work this morning, I received the following note from our HR folks:

Subj: Police Activity At Our Building Last Evening

The police activity which prevented many parkers in our garage from leaving last night was due to a couple of young men trying to elude the police. Those being pursued jumped the fence on one side of the [building next door] and then scaled the fence on the other side … only to jump to the grate over the garage and then onto the ramp of the garage where they were stopped (injured) due to the height of the jump.

One of our staff was a witness and reported the activity to me after giving his statement to the police. I apologize for the inconvenience this caused many of you as you tried to leave for the day.

I actually find the last line amusing. I was always taught to apologize for things that are your fault and move on when they’re not. I would count “Perp jumps a fence, falls very far and breaks leg thereby blocking garage entrance” as something firmly outside of your control. But I do appreciate the apology…

With regard to the actual incident let me say one thing. The jump referred to above is high… like, really high… bordering on crazy high… This is a story that should go down in the “stupid criminals” file simply because anyone dumb enough to think they could make that jump and not get hurt is just fooling themselves.

Written by Michael Turk