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Republicans for Johnson-Weld

This is the first of what will be two posts this morning. Given my relatively infrequent updates, that is like coming out of semi-retirement. But the two posts, as you will see, are closely related.

First, today I am joining with a number of good friends to announce the formation of Republicans for Johnson-Weld. This is an effort that has its roots in the fact that all of us involved consider ourselves to be loyal Republicans, but this year the most Republican option on the ballot is the Libertarian ticket. Donald Trump is an authoritarian, statist, megalomaniac. And those are his BEST attributes. If you can ignore his racism, his ignorance, his willful disregard for intellectual curiosity, and his knee-jerk jerkism, you’ll see that he has precious little republicanism in him. His solutions across the board are big government, reactionary, and would be a disaster.

By comparison, the Johnson-Weld ticket has more executive level experience in government than either of the two major party tickets. They are not beholden to the special interests of either the far-left or the far-right, but represent the views of the mainstream majority of Americans. They have passed lower taxes and balanced budgets while still increasing infrastructure spending and streamlining government. In New Mexico, when I worked with and for Gary at the NM GOP, Johnson reformed the Department of Motor Vehicles, and created a smooth, fast, and financially efficient method for conducting most DMV transactions. He should be elected President for no other reason than being the one person who took on the DMV and improved it, dramatically, for the better. That is leadership we need.

If you are interested in joining up in support of the REAL republican ticket, hit us up at

Written by Turk