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Disclosure Statement

I am a partner in CRAFT | Media/Digital, a communications consultancy in Washington, DC.

I spend a great deal of time talking about politics and telecommunications because those are two of the things I am passionate about. My writings can be found on Twitter, Digital Society, Huffington Post, and on this blog. The thoughts expressed in all these locations are mine alone. I am not paid for any of my opinions or commentary.

I do work in the telecommunications space. The type of work I do is in line with the kind of work I have done for 15 years – web design & development, social media, Internet Communications and IT services/architecture.

When I say “Internet Communications,” let me be clear. I am paid to help others communicate effectively online. I am not paid so others can tell me how to communicate or what to say.

I am a committed libertarian.

I believe most of what the federal government undertakes, it does fairly poorly.

I am often aligned with organizations, companies and causes that take a “hands off” approach to government regulation.

I am not paid to advocate for policy positions on behalf of telecom firms. When I advocate for such policies, it is because that is what I believe. When I disagree with telecommunications industry players on issues, I am free to do so.

Should these facts change, this page will be updated.