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You Had Me At ‘Fish Biscuit’

I was going to post on this yesterday, but got carried away railing against Cox’s piece on web 2.0.

Lost, so far this season, has been phenomenal. I was pretty unhappy with last season, and to be honest I’m not thrilled that they plan to take a break for three months between the first half and the last half of this season. However, if the rest of the season is as good as it has been so far, I’m willing to accept it.

Wednesday’s episode was awesome. Locke has gone mental, Desmond can see the future, and Charlie is finally getting some stones. The latter is especially good to see. Charlie had been a whiny little spaz for too long.

I’d get into the “what does it all mean” of the episode, but there are plenty of other forums for that. I’ll just register my approval for the season thus far.

Written by Michael Turk