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WTF Is Up With Lost?

Wow! Last night was three kinds of awesome… The Russian rose from the dead – becoming the first guys since Jesus to do that and not freak everyone out – and the survivors actually aren’t… Or are they?

Anne and I are going back and forth via e-mail again weighing the implications of all this. Anne asks if the Mittelos people can arrange for someone to get flattened by a bus, could they arrange for decoy plane wreckage to keep people from looking for the real wreck near the island? I suppose…

Speaking of Team Mittelos, has anyone noticed that Mittelos Bioscience sounds like a variation of Mittelwerk, the crazy scientist from “The Lost Experience” that pledged to conduct scientific testing on an unsuspecting public? If Hanso was responsible for Dharma, did Mittelwerk take over the island when he split?

On the subject of surprise resurrection, how many of the previously deceased cast members (Boone, his annoying sister, Paulo and Nikki, Ethan, Nathan, Eko, Ana Lucia, etc. etc. are hanging out, buried alive, and just waiting for someone to come dig them up?

I’m also not sure what to make of Juliet… She’s doing Ben’s evil bidding, but telling him she hates him… What’s up with that? What weird deal did she make? Also, she said she’d be getting a sample from Austen… Did Kate and Sawyer create a little baby Kate when they knocked boots in the cage? Is she sporting a little con-man in the making?

Getting to what I didn’t like about the episode, it appears that Sun has a bit of a mean streak, but I would have preferred she just have Jin’s mom whacked… I would have had more respect for her… And the woman who fell from the sky… I think it would have really messed with your head if she had said the plane only had two survivors – a guy named Michael and his son.

Written by Michael Turk