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Why Does Anyone Read Kos?

technologyGovernmentMarkos loves to stoke the fire of the left-wing conspiracy engine. Now he’s working on a theory that’s truly absurd on it’s face, and totally laughable underneath.

[W]hy did Bush revoke Executive Order 13011 today? What items are in the Executive Order (or perhaps not in the Order) that might cause said order to no longer be valid? It was amended a couple of times in 2003 to include the Department of Homeland Security in the list of agencies and departments covered by the umbrella of the Executive Order.

Well, Markos, having spent a little time in government service in the IT realm, I think I can answer that for you. Are you ready?

It’s called the E-Government Act of 2002. You can find it on Thomas by searching the 107th Congress for HR 2458 as enrolled. Check it out and see if a lot of it looks familiar.

Most of what was in EO 13011 that hasn’t been codified elsewhere was codified by HR2458. Rather than having the government operating under two largely duplicative sets of rules, the EO was repealed to tidy up the government’s books.

Heaven forbid you and the rabid fringe would actually do a little research.

Written by Michael Turk