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Why Do The Nuts Jump In First?

PoliticsFormer Alaska Senator Mike Gravel has jumped into the POTUS sweepstakes pool begging two questions – Who? and Who cares?

Mike Gravel, a 76-year-old self-described maverick, said he wants to give citizens the direct power to make laws based on popular votes, not exclusively through elected members of Congress.

“Our three branches of government have become like an unstable chair, a three-legged chair,” Gravel said. “The founders could not have envisioned how much money and special interests would corrupt the political process. Giving us Americans legislative power will put forth the fourth leg of our stool and make it stable.”

Oh, yeah. That’s a great idea. Then we can bring the same reactionary populism that nearly bankrupted California to the federal government. We can simultaneously pass laws that mandate meteoric increases in spending and a moratorium on increasing revenue. Worse, we could bring our entire country to a grinding halt by taxing the top 5% of wage earners at 85% (we out number them 95-5 after all) and flushing all of our investment capital into the government pipeline.

Given that Jay Leno has a whole routine dedicated to the fact that people don’t know jack about politics, and even less about policy, why would you want to empower “the people” to make the laws. Their notion of good legislation would be based on whatever slick, pre-packaged, focus grouped message won that day.

You’d bring the country to its knees in days. We wouldn’t have to worry about al-Qaeda damaging us. We’d take care of that ourselves. Good plan, Mike. Best of luck with the campaign.

Written by Michael Turk