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Why Do I Read The News?

Government WasteLegislationRepublicansI have no idea why I spend so much time reading news. It just makes me unhappy, but not because, as a comedian once said, “they should call it the bad news”. The reason it makes me unhappy is because it makes me angry; and I don’t like being angry.

Reading the details of the Senate “emergency” spending bill made me unhappy.

Cochran may face an uphill battle in trying to preserve controversial earmarks such as $700 million to relocate a freight line along the Mississippi coast further inland despite its being already rebuilt with insurance proceeds.

That’s right. Our fiscally conservative Republicans from the south want us to spend $700 million to tear up a rail line that was just rebuilt with insurance funds and move it inland. Now, it seems to me that the prudent time to do that would have been BEFORE it was rebuilt. Why should taxpayers shell out three quarters of a billion dollars to relocate a rail line that the hurricane already relocated once, and which was already put back together?

What sense does that make?

Written by Michael Turk