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Who Is John Durham?

My e-mail inbox has been deluged in the last 24 hours with one simple question:

Who is John Durham?

Apparently this AdAge article has been making the rounds.

John Durham, who led internet strategy for the Bush-Cheney reelection campaign, was impressed with Mr. Thompson’s grasp of the YouTube medium. “He is smart enough to understand he needs to cede a certain amount of control for a certain amount of visibility,” he said.

That identifier seems to have thrown a few people off. Not the least among them are the former Bush-Cheney eCampaign staff – most of whom had never heard of Durham.

To clear the confusion, John Durham was a vendor – under the name Pericles Consulting – that we used for a single advertising initiative. We were unhappy with the results, and chose not to use him again. Ironically, one of the reasons was because of his staff making claims in newspaper articles that they were either a) intimately aware of our strategies or b) claiming they were driving our processes. Both claims were false.

It is unfortunate that the AdAge people would be so careless in the verification of facts and the characterization of Mr. Durham.

Written by Michael Turk