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PoliticsBill Clinton is whipped. It had to happen. You don’t humiliate your wife on national TV – repeatedly – without eventually having her beat you down. First it was the Gennifer Flowers incident, then Paula Jones, then the whole Lewinsky/Cigar/Impeachment/Didn’t-Have-Sex-With-That-Woman fiasco, then he was working for Dubai while his wife was telling the world how vile they were.

Hillary has apparently had enough. Now, her word is law. She’s not going to have him f**king up her chances to be the first female president.

First, it’s not like that is ever going to happen. Just because people hate Bush doesn’t mean they have become blind to all of her problems. Second, it has to be fairly emasculating to go from being the most powerful man in the world to carrying your wife’s purse and trying not to embarrass her.

Written by Michael Turk