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Where The Hell Is Leopard?

Ok, I bought my Mac. I have to admit, I’m enjoying it. The lack of a right click on the touchpad, the constant struggle to remember whether I have to hold CTRL or the Apple Key with the button, and the fact that you can’t close a program by closing the window are still kind of annoying, but overall, my Mac experience has been good. I’m no longer radically opposed to all that is Mac.

However, I have a major beef with Apple.

I was told when I bought the Mac that the new OS (OS X Leopard) would be out in October and give me the ability to dual boot Windows without having to buy additional software. While I didn’t buy the Mac to be a PC, there are a couple of games I have on my Win machine that I like to kill time with in airports. It would be nice to have the flexibility.

Well, Apple says that Leopard will be released in October. Here we are on the 15th with no release date publicly announced.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t one of the big knocks against MS the constantly moving release dates and failure to deliver on their promises?

C’mon, Steve! Where the hell is Leopard?

Written by Michael Turk