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When You’re Not John Kerry

When you’re not John Kerry, and flub a joke badly, the media will apparently come to your defense. Just ask Hillary Clinton. When a supporter asked her what in her background had prepared her to deal with evil men, she replied, without answering, by repeating the question and offering a shrug of the shoulders and a humorous expression. The clear implication was she has run into a few.

Many people would count a lecherous husband with a predilection for young unattractive women on that list… But not the media. The Today show went out of its way to find Democrat operatives willing to deflect that potential slap in the face to her mate. Did they offer any Republicans, who immediately thought of Bill, to confirm that the joke could easily have been an insult to her husband? Nope. In fact, they offered Hillary’s direct contradiction:

Hillary: “I don’t think anybody in here thought that, I’m sorry.”

When you’re the media darling, you get to botch a punch line. When you’re a stodgy buffoon that narrowly lost the White House but held on to $15 million dollars, you don’t get that leeway.

Written by Michael Turk