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What’s Missing From This?

Take a look at this page on Rudy Giuliani’s site and see if anything noticeable stands out. Specifically, does anything stand out specifically for its absence?

I clicked through to Rudy’s Record, read through the page, and one question popped into my head – Where’s his record on responding to terrorism?

Everything I hear about Rudy is specifically tied to his strength with the base coming from his actions on 9/11 and thereafter. If he’s running for President as a Republican, and his big claim to fame was his stewardship of New York during that time, where is his record of reforming New York’s law enforcement capability to respond to that sort of thing? Where does he stand, as a former prosecutor, on the question of responding to terrorism as a law enforcement versus military effort?

It seems odd to me that a guy whose strength comes primarily from this issue has nothing about it on his site.

Written by Michael Turk