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What The Fuq?

PoliticsThe InternetSo the RNC’s new MyGOP tool is in beta. I took a sneak peak at it earlier today and set up my page at As I expected, they’re approving every page that gets created (you’ve gotta love that administrative overhead) and they are employing some filters to weed out bad words.

Apparently, “fuq” is a bad word…

I was unable to secure It told me I had improper content (not the exact term it used, but it was something like that) in my submission. When I took out the, it worked fine. So either they dislike my blog, or there is some string of characters that they’re blocking and I hit it.

It didn’t take me long to figure out the string.

I expected filters and approvals. Following the Wonkette Sloganator incident, the approval process for anything going up on GOP websites became fairly rigid. The cover sheet on our TPS reports required about 15 signatures . There was no way they’d roll out a MySpace like function without strict scrutiny.

So I expected a lot of fuqing scrutiny, but fuq me if this isn’t going a step too far. Seriously, what the fuq?

Written by Michael Turk