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What Impact Will Past Drug Use Have On Campaigns In The Future?

Mrs. Quip and I were talking about people I have worked with that are now running for office, and the fact that I have no interest in doing so. The main thrust of the discussion was whether or not I would be disqualified for having been very upfront with people about past drug use.

(To be clear, I haven’t consumed anything stronger than a mojito since I was about 23, but I also won’t claim the “I tried it once” argument because it is just disingenuous)

Anyway, Mrs. Quip suggested that marijuana and cocaine – and even substances like heroine, acid and ecstasy – simply aren’t that big of a deal now since studies indicate a staggering number of people have tried them.

She did, however, draw a line at meth use.

I’m not sure where the line exists, but I’m sure it’s still there. I’m not sure the American public would be cool with a President that used to do shrooms, LSD, or other hallucinogens. I agree that meth is also likely to preclude you from holding high office.

I’m not trying to rehash charges of drug/substance abuse from past elections. I’m just curious to know what impact drugs may have on future elections.

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Written by Michael Turk