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What A Sick Douchebag

In case you’ve been living under a rock today, you’ve already heard about Mark Foley’s sudden resignation from Congress. The ABCNews blog has some of the IM traffic between Foley and a male page. He spends a lot of time asking an underage guy about his masturbation habits.

Having read enough to turn my stomach, I can say I’m really glad this guy may end up being sentenced to some of the stiff sentences he helped enact.

From a political front, this isn’t going to do good things for the GOP. All of our guys will denounce the sick freak, but under the smooth surface of the electorate’s consciousness, this will undoubtedly make them think twice about our guys being completely out of control.

A pedophile Congressman with a seriously defective moral compass and an abundance of hypocrisy who also happens to be part of the GOP leadership is a pretty bad story a month out from an election.

Written by Michael Turk