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Washington, DC

CrimepoliticsIf there is one thing I find amazing about this town, it is the incredibly superficial relationships. One minute you’re a “chief of staff” and close friend, and a few weeks later you’re a “convicted felon” and completely unreliable as a human.

WaPo looks at the increasingly uncomfortable world of Bob Ney and his ‘forgetfulness’ and the reaction from his press team.

[Spokesman Brian] Walsh said the committee report relied on e-mails written by “convicted felons,” [former Ney Chief of Staff Neil] Volz among them.

Volz was Ney’s chief of staff for years, and now that he has decided to cooperate in exchange for a lighter sentence, suddenly he’s nothing more than a ‘convicted felon.’ The DC Two-Step continues with Ney looking for a new partner.

Written by Michael Turk