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War On The Web

PoliticsDemocratsRepublicansDuring the campaign (I swear that’s become my equivalent of “this one time… at band camp…”), we had a lot of fun taking passages from the Democrats e-mails and using them to tee off our messages to the volunteers. The best of these exchanges was the “It’s Disgusting/We Agree It’s Disgusting” messages about the Coalition of the Wild Eyed web ad.

Well, it seems the DSCC has picked up on the fun you can have targeting those poor souls who are on both lists.

At the same time you were beating our fundraising goal, Senator Dole sent an email to Republicans across the country begging them for contributions. In it, Senator Dole complimented you by mentioning the “massive amounts of money being raised daily” by the DSCC from grassroots supporters.

Click here to sign the DSCC’s special thank you card to Senator Dole. Thank her for noticing how effective your efforts to take back the Senate have been.

The e-mail messaging on a campaign can be a powerful tool. In addition to your loyalists, the media and the opposition will both generally sign up for your list. You’d be surprised how many good Republicans are signed up for MoveOn’s e-mail “just to see what they say”.

Taking the battle under the radar and firing volleys via e-mail can be an effective way to reach the guys that are on your side. It’s also effective at pushing a point to the media. If you can challenge the assertions your opponent made to your guys, the media, and a good number of their folks, you can continue the debate online.

Written by Michael Turk