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Before beginning my self-imposed exile to help get Fred Thompson’s web operation off the ground, I was actively involved in an effort to free the debates. Lawrence Lessig, Mike Krempasky, Michelle Malkin, myself and a number of others had been seeking assurances from the RNC that they would require the debate footage be made available for public consumption.

The RNC, as is their tendency, was less than accommodating. The request went nowhere. Their spokesperson said they would not get involved in such matters. The coalition behind the call for open debates kept pressuring the networks , and began to see some progress when CNN agreed.

Today, NBC and ABC joined the side of righteousness and agreed as well. My hats are off to them for, albeit slowly, coming to the right decision.

That leaves only CBS and Fox as the holdouts. Hopefully it’s only a matter of time until they come around. When they do, maybe the RNC will finally get around to weighing in.

Written by Michael Turk