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US Attorney Michael Gehrke?

Assuming the ranks of our US Attorney corps is to be filled with political hacks skilled in tearing down candidates, the first guy up for that post in an Obama/Clinton administration will apparently be Michael Gehrke. I received an e-mail from him today.

As the new Research Director at the DNC, I’m working to build a Party apparatus that can immediately respond to missteps, lies, and scandals of the 2008 election cycle, and establish a narrative that our party’s nominee can use when the primary season ends.

Just as you helped put organizers on the ground in all 50 states, you can help build the Democratic Party’s research shop. Make a donation today:

Do you remember the George Allen “macaca” video?

That piece of coverage played an instrumental role in the election of Senator Jim Webb in Virginia — and winning back the Senate in 2006. But this turning point in Senator Webb’s campaign would not have been possible without his dedicated staff members following George Allen’s every move — and this costs money.

The Democratic Party needs to support that kind of diligent reporting in the new election cycle — with video crews permanently on the ground in early primary states, for example. What did John McCain say in New Hampshire? Who did Rudy Giuliani visit in Iowa? What did Mitt Romney do in South Carolina? The DNC needs to know the answers to these questions every time a Republican makes a campaign stop, and we have to be ready to take the proper course of action. Let’s set up a state-of-the-art operation to bypass the media and take the story of their lies, flip-flops, and out-of-whack priorities directly to you.

Despite the fact that this is simply another piece of fundraising e-mail; and the Democrats, despite having the ‘tech-savvy’ Howard Dean, have little else to offer online but appeals for money, that last paragraph should make the GOP nervous. If the DNC actually does deploy a videographer in every state, and had them catalog every miscue by Republicans, and we had nothing to counter, we’ll be hurting. Campaign gaffes are a fact of life – one that the right has generally ignored. Now we do so at our own peril.

Written by Michael Turk