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US Airways Sucks

Usually the way corporate mergers work is a good, solid airline will buy up a smaller, crappy airline and the smaller crappy airline will be brought up to the standards of the better airline. It appears that hasn’t happened in the US Air/AmericaWest merger.

If you have ever flown AmericaWest, you know how bad they were pre-merger. It actually appears that they were so horrible they have actually sucked US Airways into the toilet with them.

On our flight to NM last week, they decided to sit me, Mrs. Quip, and baby Quip in three different rows, all in middle seats. Unfortunately, baby quip is 15 months old, so that presented a problem. Normally the gate agents would happily reassign the seats, or at the very least, ask the other passengers if they would help accommodate at least the mother and child… But not the new US Air. Nope. Their reply was, verbatim, “Well there’s nothing we can do for you.”

I could write that off, but then the flight back became even better. They cancelled our flight due to weather problems. No biggie. That happens all the time. But then the gate agent sent everyone back to the ticket counter to rebook… Except the ticket counter was closed, and nobody was available to help until they called in some agents from home.

So now I am waiting for my rebooked flight, and it’s delayed for 90 minutes because they have to bring in a crew from somewhere else. Fortunately my layover in Phoenix is better than 3 hours, so I should make my flight to DC.

Let my life serve as a cautionary tale. Never fly US Air…

Written by Michael Turk