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Unity08 and Political Capital

It’s not clear if this was an attempt to be satirical or an attempt to make fun of President Bush’s now infamous “Political Capital” speech, but the strangest e-mail I’ve received in a while came to me today from Unity08.

Dear Michael,

Wow! The response to our new web site has been fantastic! Many of you have sent us compliments and excellent feedback on how to make it even better! Thank you!

If you’ve discovered “Political Capital” points then you are ahead of the game. If not, then you should start earning them now! Political Capital allows members to earn points by being active on the site and in the real world. On the site, you gain Political Capital by ranking the issues, inviting others to the movement, and participating in groups. In the real world, you gain Political Capital by attending meetings. As we continue to build the site there will be more ways to earn and use your Political Capital.

The last guy that talked about spending the political capital he acquired is still trying to live it down. To be sure, in the 48 hours after an election, it was a great “In your face!” moment. However, it cost him dearly when he discovered during the Social Security fight that it’s much easier to raise political capital than it is to spend it.

Written by Michael Turk