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Unattractive Geeks (and Robin Hood) for Net Neutrality

I have no idea how this escaped my attention. It’s clear that between the day job and all my extracurricular activities I am not spending nearly enough time surfing for obnoxious advocacy materials. This one really takes the cake (video included below if you don’t want to click through).

If this thing gets enough circulation it could singlehandedly derail Net Neut by scaring away all the straight, normal people in the US.

Aslo, please note the titular reference to unattractive geeks is not meant to be an attack on either the unattractive or the geeky. Being a proud member of both camps, I would never slam my homely, technologically inclined brothers and sisters that way. I’m simply stating the theme of this particular effort. I also have to give kudos to the guy in glasses – the Tron outfit rocks.


Written by Michael Turk