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CrimeThe phrase “stuck landing” had a different meaning for some Florida gymnasts that were stabbed in the ass with drywall screws for less than perfect routines. That’s bad enough to warrant a listing on Drudge, but the really bad part of this story sneaks in around the middle of the article.

Seminole County sheriff’s investigators said Coach Mike Turner and another coach repeatedly stabbed one of the boys and a brother repeatedly with dry wall screws, breaking the skin on their buttocks, leaving permanent scarring.

Last year, their mother noticed the scars during bathing and found out what was happening.

So these two boys are old enough to be doing gymnastics, and it happened long enough ago that the scars had formed, but they’re still bathing with their mother? Did the Seminole County sheriff’s investigators think maybe the mother warranted some further investigation? It sounds like the gymnastic coaching methods may not be the only odd thing going on in Longwood Florida.

Written by Michael Turk