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Tolerance And The Left

A blog called Irregular Times run by a guy named Jim, has had a real hate-on for me for some time now. Jim got really spun up about the letter to the editor tool on and the fact that some people used our sample text verbatim, and sent it to newspapers. He keeps track of the number of times the sample text appears under someone else’s name. It’s sort of a bizarre hobby, but he seems to enjoy it.

The one time he really liked something I did (and specifically posted on it), he gave me no credit at all. His most recent posts deal with my unpaid work for Unity08 (largely concluded a year ago) and my paid work for Fred Thompson, and my unpaid efforts to help the National Presidential Caucus (mostly in the comments).

When I get called out on something, I’ll address it directly. I believe in a line from The Untouchables.

Somebody steals from me, I’m going to say ‘you stole’, not talk to him for spitting on the sidewalk.

It’s a tactic I really think more people should adopt. If you have a problem, address the problem. So imagine my shock when I tried exactly that in the comments of a recent post at IT (starting with comment #10), and got this in return:

Of course, working for the Republican Party does pay pretty good. If you look at Turk’s photo, he has not exactly been going hungry.

Come on. Seriously? Is that the best they can do? I challenge this nut’s wild-eyed accusations and conspiracy theories and the best they can offer is “Turk’s fat!”. I mean, really, that’s just sad. I guess the guy couldn’t think fast enough to disparage my mother’s good name.

It reminded me of a story I’ve related before. A childhood friend who is a liberal Democrat living in San Fran related this to me.

I hadn’t been in San Fran for long when I heard about the Castro Street Fair. I thought it would be a lot of fun to check it out. It really represented to me what liberals were all about Рbeing who you want to be without fear of being judged. So I went. I had been there about a half hour when I lit up a cigarette. I couldn’t believe the reaction. I was hissed at. People yelled at me. I thought, “Wait a minute. You’re saying it’s ok to walk around in a leather thong with a vibrator jammed up your ass but f**k me if I smoke.” It was BS.

“Liberal tolerance” is a joke. You need look no further than the attack on my waistline to see what they really mean by “being tolerant.”

On another note, fat can be reduced by dieting. Stupid is forever.

Update: On his blog, Jim correctly called me out for an error in this post. The way it is written, it implies that Jim was the one who made the disparaging remark about weight. In fact, it was one of his readers who made the comment. Jim has always been polite in his posts, if not strangely consumed with what I’m doing for a group.

Written by Michael Turk