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Thoughts on the Season Finale of Lost

I didn’t really jump into discussion of Lost last week because it was really sort of a non-episode. I’m not sure why there is a rule in television that the next to last show of the season always has to suck, but that seems to be the case. The next to last episode rarely does anything but set up the storyline for the last week.

To recap, Charlie’s not dead yet, Juliet may or may not be lying, Locke is probably still alive, the smoke thing may or may not be the ghosts, and nobody apparently thought it would be easier to just cut the power cable to the underwater lab. Let’s dive in…

Jack and Juliet have a plan to dynamite some others. If the number they did on the tree is any indication, they may just be successful. But the question is whether Juliet has actually switched sides. She told the survivors the lab was flooded. Imagine Charlie’s surprise when he discovered that isn’t true. The Amazon babes with guns pointed at him clearly didn’t get the evacuation order.

Did Juliet lie, or did Ben lie to his people to keep them from trying to dismantle the blocking?

Locke is laying at the bottom of a big pit with a gunshot sound, but since he was shot in the kidney, and gave his up to his dad, it’s unlikely that will matter. Since the bullet didn’t pierce any vitals, the Island should heal him nicely.

My friend Anne points out the odd conflict with the ghost of Ben’s mother. She appears at Ben’s window one evening, but then “can’t” cross the barrier the next day and leads Ben into the woods. Now some have speculated that the ghosts and the smoke monsters are actually the same. If that’s the case, why could they get into the camp once, but not again?

Finally, Anne was terribly upset by a simple question I posed. If you need to disable the underwater lab, and you are following a “Power Cable” to its location, why not simply cut the cable?

Now the easy answer is “they didn’t have anything to cut it with”, but that ignores the dynamite. They had enough dynamite to fell a really big tree, so clearly they could have made quick work of the cable. For that matter, they might have been able to package the dynamite in something water tight, and simply lower it down to the lab, charge it up, and destroy the lab.

In either event, there were ways to accomplish the goal without getting Charlie injured or killed. They really should have spent some time thinking about that…

Written by Michael Turk