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This Week On Lost…

Anne and I have been chatting back and forth via e-mail about this week’s episode of Lost. If you missed it, you really need to catch up. The opening two minutes are phenomenal, and clearly demonstrate why ABC moved this to the 10PM slot. This episode also clearly demonstrates how much better season three is when compared to season two.

Charlie takes an arrow in the neck and drops dead, but is then seen holding a parachute to catch a body falling out of the tree. It’s all part of another deja vu moment for Desmond. It also sets up an interesting question. Did Desmond know from the beginning that he would have to choose a path – let Charlie die, or make sure he gets to the parachute? As they were walking, he tells Charlie that nobody’s going to die, so it seems he knew what he would do.

That brings me to my point of analysis for the week… Let me get this straight… Desmond was a monk? WTF? Sure, he exudes this sort of creepy calm, regardless of what’s going on, so maybe I can see that. It also explains his tendency to call everyone ‘Brother’. (As Anne pointed out, it’s not actually everyone… He never refers to Charlie as brother, only ‘mate’.)

More important than Desmond’s tour of duty in the monastery, however, was a small item in the background. The other Monk had a picture on his desk – himself with the woman from the jewelry shop (from the time travel episode). The monk tells Desmond he is meant for greater things, parroting the woman in the jewelry store. They both seem to be steering Desmond’s future.

Are these two part of some secret society of fate that keeps things moving along in the universe? If so, is that secret society somehow tied to the Others?

We know that Ben was born on the island because he said so. But know they are having trouble procreating? They have been there for at least 35-40 years (guessing at Ben’s age). We also know they have a cure for cancer (at least theoretically if you believe the woman last week was, in fact, Juliet’s sister alive and well today).

We also know the computer controlled something big and keying the numbers kept it from detonating. When it came close, it led to a) one downed plane and b) the sky turning purple. This all leads me to believe that Oceanic Flight 815 accidentally landed on an island that serves the larger purposes of controlling the universe and breeding people who work behind the scenes to give us all a little nudge and keep us on the path…

It would explain a lot, actually. It would definitely explain the need for a security system as amazingly powerful as the smoke monster, but it would also explain the need for a fence system that would keep it from accidentally nuking the Lords of Time and Fate.

It would also explain why “good” people were taken from the wreckage (they could, ostensibly, be trusted with the power and knowledge of the truth), and the broken/bad people were left behind (which doesn’t necessarily explain Hugo, because he actually seems to be a good guy).


Written by Michael Turk