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This Is Code For “We Don’t Have A Clue How To Spin This”


“It is a challenging political environment,” acknowledges Tracey Schmitt, a spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee, “but we are confident that ultimately voters in November will recognize that a Democrat Congress would simply not be equipped to ensure either economic or national security for our nation.”

That’s the RNC’s response to a new USA Today survey showing the President down to a 31% approval with 65% disapproval. Granted the sample is adults, and that’s never a good predictor of the electorate come November. Still, the rain clouds just don’t seem to be breaking up for the administration.

Usually when you get in a bad news rut, it lasts a few days or a week, and then something changes the environment. I know trudging through the Abu Ghraib scandal on the campaign felt like a lifetime, but it was actually pretty short lived.

The outlook now just doesn’t seem to be getting any better, and it keeps coming down. That makes it hard to keep your eyes on the ball. My hat’s off to Tracey and the gang at the RNC who keep fighting on even when faced with this steady barrage of negative news.

Written by Michael Turk