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Think This Is An Accident?

PoliticsOh… My… God… The Washington Post doesn’t even try to hide it’s tilt anymore. The image below was taken from the home page of WaPo at 2:34 (Actually it was 2;42, but WaPo’s clock is apparently not synched with a time server to guarantee it’s right).

While the headlines are all about Abramoff ties to the GOP, the image and caption indicate a) he’s guilty and b) he looks like a d-list movie producer.

The image is tied to a fashion piece that was buried in the C Section of the print edition. It didn’t warrant placement on the front page of the print edition next to the headlines about the GOP because that would be misleading. It would imply that the GOP was guilty merely by association (which granted some members may be). Would they run that image and caption next to a headline that says “Democrats Under Investigation for Abramoff Ties”? There are several Democrats the fed are looking at – by some counts more than a third of the potential members under suspicion. Yet the Post ties the picture of a shady looking Abramaoff an headlines about the GOP.

I guess the online edition doesn’t have to meet the same standard the offline version must.

Did WaPo Intentionally Tie Abramoff's Guilt To the GOP?

Written by Michael Turk