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Things You Don’t Want To See

I made a terrible mistake yesterday. As the afternoon was wearing on, I decided a coffee run was in order, so I took a trek to our neighborhood Starbuck’s (which is actually one of about 5 in the neighborhood, but I’ll ignore that). I got back with my drink (and a few for my office mates who had placed orders since I was going and all) and enjoyed my tasty beverage at my desk.

Mrs. Quip called and asked what I was doing and proceeded to disparage my enjoyable frozen concoction. She implied it may be less than healthy.

That got me thinking about nutrition information, so I decided to find the nutrition information for my coffee. That was my serious mistake. This is the nutrition info for a venti no-whip Java Chip Frappuccino.

Nutrition Information for a Venti N0-Whip Java Chip Frappucino

About the best thing I can say for that drink is thank God for the calcium. If you really want to freak yourself out, spend some time looking at the nutrition information for half the crap you ingest.

Written by Michael Turk