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The Pride of Wisconsin

Rep. Steve Kagen is the kind of guy that would tell all his geeky friends he banged the hottest girl in school, and then, when confronted by her boyfriend, claim he never said it.

He’s been running around telling the nutty left that he blocked the door to a White House restroom to keep Karl Rove from leaving, bragged about kicking Rove’s ass, insulted the first lady, and mocked the President and Vice President all in one evening. But the minute the mainstream media got wind of the story, he isn’t quite the braggart.

Now that Kagen’s longer story about his White House visit is getting publicity on talk radio and among political bloggers, he won’t comment on whether he referred to Laura Bush as Barbara.

“I’m going to leave that one alone,” Kagen said Wednesday. Asked why, he said, “I’ll make no comment.”

As for his exchange with Rove, Kagen said he can verify that they met in the men’s room and that Rove congratulated him. But he wouldn’t comment on his reported comments to Rove.

What a putz. Somehow I suspect this kind of jackass isn’t what the people were looking for when they ‘voted for change’.

Written by Michael Turk