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The Parade of Rehashed 70’s Staples Continues

MoviesMy belief that Hollywood is completely out of original ideas has received a big boost today. Ashlee Simpson’s ex Wilmer Valderama will play the part of “Paunch” in a remake of CHiPs.

With the threat of an A Team movie always lingering, the recent foray into Hazzard County and the recreation of Starsky & Hutch, I am really getting sick of Hollywood.

I reallly don’t know if I can take another show from my youth being made into a big screen extravaganza complete with soundtrack by Britney or Jessica and starring some no talent ass clown that plays the same character in every movie (Seann William Scott, that means you!)

Please, Hollywood, hire some new blood. Get kids out of film school like the crew that brought us Napoleon Dynamite and let them do your writing – until they become talentless hacks like the rest of you. But then you go get a new crop. See how it works?

Written by Michael Turk