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The Lifecycle Of A TV Show

TelevisionIt seems like new shows these days have about 4 weeks to prove their market potential and then they’re gone. CBS gave Love Monkey the boot, NBC tanked Four Kings and E-Ring, and ABC bounced Crumbs and Sons and Daughters after very short runs. In the meantime, crap like The Ghost Whisperer gets picked up again.

That tells me several things.

1) My sense of humor may not line up well with the average American. I thought Four Kings was really funny.

2) We need more 25-40 year old men to weigh into the ratings. There are fewer shows catering to us than there were black people on Friends.

3) There are a lot of guys home spanking it to Jennifer Love Hewitt on Friday nights. That’s the only possible reason I can find for the success of that show.

Written by Michael Turk