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The Left… Um… Yeah…

NewsDemocratsSo Drudge had this little headline about a Homeland Security alert related to mass transit. I was intrigued and clicked through… The article was pretty innocuous. What struck me, and made me post, was actually the comments.

I was on a bus in Manhattan almost two years ago and I saw a middle aged middle eastern man video taping the bus while it was stuck in traffic. This went on for ten minutes. I told the bus driver and the lazy bum was like “so what”. I gave him my business card and begged him to tell his superiors, and that they should call me if there were questions. I’m still waiting for a call.
Posted by: JDGrove | May 3, 2006 12:23:59 PM

funny how this comes up as gas prices soar. WE ARE NOT THAT STUPID.
Posted by: bill | May 3, 2006 12:45:15 PM

That amazes me. Bill, who I have no doubt is a rabid left-winger, doesn’t address the actual conspiracy that terrorists may be targeting mass transit. Instead, he tackles the imagined conspiracy that the Homeland Security Department is trying to scare people off of mass transit – ostensibly driving up further demand for expensive oil.

So people actually trying to kill us aren’t worth a comment, but some nutjob theory of big oil trying to scare us away from bus and train stations is. You have to love the left…

Written by Michael Turk