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The Left Is Full Of Shit

PoliticsThe left amazes me. The superiority complex they bring to every discussion is just amazing. I was reading an article about Brokeback Mountain being pulled from theaters and saw this little nugget from Dorothy Guzzell:

“As difficult as it is to look at something you don’t understand, it’s so important to do it.

Now I would bet, a large sum of money, that Dorothy aligns herself with the Democrat Party. I could be wrong, but I have a huge chunk of change that if she voted last year, she pushed the button for Kerry.

I would gamble on that because Dorothy exhibits the principle behavior of the left. She assumes, from her self-appointed position of intellectual superiority, that just because someone may feel there is no artistic merit to a film about gay cowboys that they “don’t understand” it.

Let me say, in all honesty, I think Hollywood expects this movie to serve as some sort of political reeducation of Red State America in the wake of what they see as “anti-gay” violence in rural America. I think their reasoning is “If they can only see that even rough, tough cowboys are gay, then they will accept them.”

I think it’s a bunch of crap.

I have no interest in seeing Brokeback Mountain. Does that make me homophobic? No. Does it mean I hate homosexuality? No. It means I don’t have any interest in seeing it. If I were a theater owner, I may decide I have no interest in showing it.

Now, I’m more than willing to share my thoughts on homosexuality. Here they are. I couldn’t give a single wet turd less if you’re gay. I really couldn’t. Be gay. It costs me nothing, and I judge my opinions of any one else’s actions on whether it costs me money. Let me give you an example. If you want to bite pillow, there is no cost to me. If you want to provide federal funding for abortion, that costs me money, and I don’t agree with abortion. Do I want abortion to be available for those who choose it? Yes I do, but I do not want to pick up the tab. That’s also why I oppose welfare programs being available for people who are physically capable of working. We need a federal job corps, something that puts people to work, not a system to get checks.

For me, it’s all about economics.

On homosexuality specifically, one of my close friends came out of the closet at 15 and wth the exception of one guy we knew, nobody really cared. It was his choice, and he never tried to push his beliefs on us. He also never tried to push his religion on us. That’s an important aside, though it may not seem to be.

The fact is gay advocates and religious zealots share many of the same tendencies. They both believe that they are right and both want you to believe as they do “for your own good.” That good – in religious circles – is your salvation and ever-lasting life in the Kingdom of God. In gay circles, that good is your intellectual growth – your development as a human.

Their both full of shit.

I can make it through my day, every day, without telling you why you should by my brand of toothpaste, my brand of shoes, or my make and model of automobile. Why can’t you, for once, get through your day without telling me why I need to buy into everyone of your causes and beliefs?

I find it ironic that the left denounces, in such strong terms, the religious right. As they shout down the beliefs of others, they claim those who believe homosexuality to be a sin are guilty of ignorance and prejudice. Yet they fail to recognize the prejudice and ignorance of their own actions. They claim anyone who believes differently does so because they “don’t understand” or because “they hate”.

Well, in some respect they’re right. I do hate. I hate being preached at by zealots, whether they come from the left wing or the right.

Written by Michael Turk