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The Left and Messaging

The wire service version of this article originally contained the following passage:

A small demonstration against Bush’s appearance included 10 to 20 people, most holding signs protesting the war in Iraq.

“We want to tell Laura Bush as a mother, we hope she’s concerned what’s happening to young American men and women in Iraq,” said Chris Lugo with the Nashville Peace Coalition. “We’ve lost over 2,400 men and women in that country and 13,000 have been injured _ all based on a lie.”

It’s actually a shame they took it out in most of the places the article was picked up. It really reinforces a point I made yesterday. The left is incapable of simply making the point. Like William Rivers Pitt, the protestors could have stopped at 2,400 deaths and 13,000 (it’s actually 17,000+) injuries, and made the point. But they always overreach. They always have to make it about “the lie”.

If the left can contain themselves and separate the attacks on the war, and it’s problems from the attacks on the man in the oval office, they could make some headway.

Written by Michael Turk