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The GOP Approach

Here’s yet another example of the problem with GOP campaigns and the way they approach the Internet. Alan Rosenblatt at TechPresident writes about Tancredo’s blog, and a comment he left there at 1:00 this afternoon. The comment was on topic and polite. It is now ten hours later, and the comment has yet to be approved.

For any candidates who might be out there reading this, let me offer one very clear piece of advice. If you insist on moderating your comments, and your response time to get a comment approved is north of a half day, then you might as well a) not have a blog, or b) not have comments. What’s even worse, though, is having a blog, allowing people to comment, moderating those comments, and only approving the ones that tell you what a great guy you are and how right you are on every issue.

It’s not like anyone out there reading your blog will sit and say, “Wow! Tancredo has universal support for his positions! I should get on the Tancredo bandwagon so people don’t think I’m retarded!” That’s not how it works. If that’s what you expect, you need to rethink your paradigm.

Update: They approved Alan’s comment around 4:45 on Sunday – 27 hours after it was submitted. This is really a poor way to run a blog. Tancredo’s team, for all their hopes of using the Internet to drive his one-issue campaign, is falling down on the job.

Written by Michael Turk