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The Chorus Is Getting Louder

MoviesCarlo at tech Dirt joins the growing chorus of people pointing out the stupidity of movie marketing.

What the movie business fails to understand is that sales aren’t like a seesaw: when one area goes up, something else doesn’t necessarily go down. It stands to gain the most by doing a better job of catering to its audience — whether those people prefer to watch movies in theaters, on DVD or from video-on-demand.

That’s exactly right. I rant about this a lot, but Hollywood needs to realize that the movie watching public is not monolithic. We all don’t consume entertainment in the same way. Market movies to the people the way they consume movies. People will still go to theaters because they like seeing the movie on an enormous screen. People will watch on VOD because they don’t want to buy DVDs they’ll only watch once, or maybe twice. Others will buy the DVDs because they watch the same movies over and over and want the convenience of ownership (DRM aside).

Eventually they have to get it right.

Written by Michael Turk