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The Beirut Of All Evil

WarTwo things are really bugging me about the whole Beirut situation. The first was summed up pretty well by Newt Gingrich this morning in USA Today. Newt began saying in the past week or so that we find ourselves in the early stages of World War III, yet nobody wants to call it for what it is. He is exactly right.

There are several nations (Iran, Syria, North Korea) that have repeatedly called for the outright destruction of the US, Israel, or both. They spend their days trying to identify ways to exterminate us and/or our Jewish allies. There is no appeasement possible, no negotiation that will be honored by people of such hate and single-minded evil. We need to understand that and resolve ourselves to doing what is necessary to protect our nation, and support our allies who seek to defend themselves.

The other thing that is really bugging me is the US citizens who are stuck in Beirut and clamoring for the US government to get them out. I watched the Today show this morning and some woman was bitching about being stuck in the middle of these hostilities and demanding that her government do something faster. The coverage made this out to be another failing on par with the Katrina relief effort.

I hate to point the finger of shame at people that stupid, but here it goes.

This is not New Orleans. This is not American soil. These people have chosen to set up camp in a part of the world that has been unstable politically and at war with itself for the better part of 2,000 years. If the shit hits the fan, and they get a little poo on them, that’s the chance they take by living there. If the government can’t arrange cruise ships to boat their dumb asses out within a 24 hour window, that’s a risk they’ll have to live with if they choose to live in the region.

Written by Michael Turk