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Thank God The Media Protects Me

I keep hearing reports on TV that the Saddam Hussein hanging video is so shocking they just won’t show it on TV. They’re clearly doing it to protect me from seeing the reality of the world. Heaven forbid that I would actually see the barbarism that takes place every day in America or the rest of the world.

The guy(s) that filmed the clip should clearly be arrested and charged with all manner of crimes for blatantly preventing the government of Iraq from censoring the hanging, right? I mean, geez… What would happen to the world if people could actually see what was going on… There’d be chaos, no doubt.

Is this the most ridiculous condescending attitude ever, or is it just me? I’m not sure who declared the media and the government as the arbiters of what we are allowed to see and hear, but I’d like to ask for a recall vote on that decision. If the media really knew what I wanted to see, they’d show nothing but public executions interspersed with Britney Spears crotch shots.

Written by Michael Turk