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TechPresident Launches

I was asked recently to become a contributing editor for It’s a pretty cool project that I am excited about. Unlike a lot of attention that was paid to the Internet during the 2004 campaign, this site involves people involved in political technology commenting on the developments of online campaigning by the Presidential contenders.

The site officially launched today.

One of the biggest complaints I had in 2004 was the attention paid to Dean for getting people to talk about Dean, without actually doing anything to propel his campaign. We heard countless stories of people having coffee klatches in Seattle espresso bars, but nothing about them actually turning out the vote. It wasn’t until after the election that we got credit for the Bush-Cheney operation and our focus on actually winning the election.

Anyway, hopefully TechPresident will serve as a source for the media and they’ll actually see what people who do this stuff are chattering about before they report. Maybe their stories about the sizzle will, at least occasionally, contain a bit of information about the steak.

My first post is up takes a look at Obama’s early foray into social networking, and his almost immediate capitulation to the forces of reality as he implements a change to allow more to-down control.

If that seems hypocritical given my past support of open systems, don’t misunderstand. At least as of this weekend, I think Obama and the GOP are on opposite sides of the openness divide. Obama pursued more openness, and has been forced to add more control. The GOP has an overabundance of control, and needs to open some things up.

Written by Michael Turk