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Stuff I Really Like and Wish the World Would Widely Embrace

If you have never been to Baltimore-Washington International Airport, you have truly missed one of the greatest parking experiences of all time. While many airports have implemented a system to let you know how many spaces are available, BWI takes it a step further.

Upon entering the garage, you see the readout of spaces available by floor, but then every parking space has a light. The light is either red (taken) or green (empty). Look down the aisle and you can see where spaces are available. It really takes the “stalking” out of finding a space.

I actually wish more large venues with parking challenges would adopt the idea. It would make traffic management easier and speed the process of finding a space in crowded lots.

Unfortunately, waiting for the uber-slow driver to pull forward and back up into their space 8 or 10 times will still be a problem.

Written by Michael Turk