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Strange Things Are Afoot At The Circle K

PoliticsGovernmentThe White House “shake up” continues today. Rove is out as director of policy and McClellan is leaving the Press Secretary job. Half of that is good news and half of it matters little, if at all.

Rove’s talents lie in election strategy. His energy is needed to make sure we don’t lose our ass in November. With Karl back at the political wheel full-time, we’re in a much better place heading into November. I’m just hoping the shift comes early enough to make a difference.

Letting Joel Kaplan run with policy is also a good idea. Governing and politics should be two separate things with a constant eye on and healthy skepticism of each other. They should not be one and the same. That leads to making policy decisions based on purely political ends. That, in my opinion, is too often where we go wrong with government.

As for McClellan, that really makes no difference at all. Honestly, this is the equivalent of the monkey telling the organ grinder he wants to move on. If you want to stir up the White House Communications machine, that should include Nicolle Wallace and Dan Bartlett. They are the heart of the communications beast, so pitching McClellan over the bridge is really going to do little.

To be clear, I’m don’t think Dan or Nicolle should leave. I think the Rove/Kaplan shift will address a lot of our issues. I’m just saying the Press Secretary is not an integral cog that will make a difference if replaced. The incoming spokesman will not likely be cleared to say a lot more than Scott could. If the new guy also says nothing, the net impact is zero.

Written by Michael Turk