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Strange Criticism

(Cross-posted at TechPresident)

I’m used to being criticized by liberals for all manner of atrocities allegedly committed by the GOP in furtherance of its goals, but this one has to be the strangest thing I have seen in a while.

But the campaigns of the Republican Presidential candidates have so far managed to write emails so indecipherable, or more likely, so poorly formatted, that the Google’s AdWords system can’t come up with any relevant ads for them. The right sidebar that usually holds half a dozen Google Ads is instead completely blank.

Yup, you heard that right. We’re now being attacked because our e-mail actually prevents Google from spamming you with lame ads for cheesy t-shirts and stuff. We are somehow negligent in our adherence to HTML standards because we prevent Google from making money off of you.

Hillary is praised because her e-mails are so good you can get your ads for Jack Bauer t-shirts, a shocking secret coffee companies don’t want you to know, and an Obama bumper sticker. Mitt and Fred, however, are supposed to feel bad that their subscribers are denied such conveniences.

Wow! I thought I had heard a lot of odd charges leveled at me, but this one is truly bizarre.

Written by Michael Turk