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Strange Bedfellows

PoliticsShameless Self-PromotionI posted this over at GOPBloggers, but I thought I’d put it up here as well. Hypocrisy makes me nuts (I include my own bouts of hypocrisy in that, not just others’). I just couldn’t let this one go without comment…

In odd news out of Connecticut, the guy liberals love to love – Barrack Obama – appeared at a fundraiser for the guy liberals love to hate. Not Bush. That would be too much. It’s Lieberman.

If any Republican is seen with the President, lefty bloggers automatically label them a neo-con, hard-right, fringe-dwelling whack job, even if their voting record or personal belief system prove otherwise.

Let’s see if they spaz out on this one. Let’s see if they scream about the betrayal and demand Obama distance himself from the gentleman from Connecticut. Let’s see if that standard applies to their hero from Illinois. Let’s see if they decry the loss of their golden boy.

Written by Michael Turk