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Stop The Insanity

PoliticsIt would suck to be a Democrat donor. Hell, it sucks to be a Republican donor who signed up for Democrat lists just so I could see what they’re saying. All they ever say is “Give me money, now for the love of god!”

In the last 24 hours, I have received e-mails from John Kerry, Evan Bayh and about a half dozen others – not to mention two each from the DSCC, MoveOn and Hillary. Their unsubscribe rates have to be phenomenal. If I didn’t have a bloodlust for the train wreck that is political e-mail, I’d drop off myself.

Here’s a message to the Democrat donors – your candidates view you as nothing but an ATM machine! Sorry!

For the Democrat candidates, committees and affiliates, with all the web has to offer in personalization, localization, and democratization, is an endless stream of fundraising appeals really the best you can do?

UPDATE: The DNC broke the streak. An e-mail I received last night asked me to volunteer with their door-to-door canvass program. This is the same program I wrote about last week when they sent their appeal for cash.

Apparently they’ve finally decided to take a play from the RNC book and are trying to use this Internet thing to actually organize people. Wow! About two or three years late, aren’t you guys? Thinking like this might have come in handy in 2004.

Written by Michael Turk