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PoliticsI think what’s really bothering me about politics lately is this tendency for partisans to stoop to the level of the other guy. For instance, a while back, Ann Coulter suggested that Supreme Court Justices (some of them at least) should be killed. It was an incredibly stupid thing to say, but that’s Ann. She says stupid things because that’s her shtick. She’s a darling of the wacko right because she can out weird them on any given day.

The worst part of her actions, however, is it encourages other people to do something even dumber to top her. Case in point? The PoliticsTV contest to find a “funny way to kill Ann Coulter.

At what point did it become acceptable for adults engaged in partisan discourse (on either side) to joke about killing one another? Frankly, I think Ann, the gang at politics TV, and anyone who participates in their stupid little contest to be brought up on charges. There is no place in our democracy for this. Further, there is no reason for you morons to think this is ok.

Written by Michael Turk