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Spitzer’s Stepford Wife

I’ve had two thoughts on the Spitzer scandal today. First, I feel horrible for his kids. I can’t imagine the hell they’re going to catch as a result of this. It’s sad that people in positions like Spitzer’s so rarely think of the damage they’re inflicting on those around them.

The second thought I have had is “What the hell goes through the head of a politician’s wife when she agrees to stand on the podium for something like this?” I first had that thought when New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey came out publicly and announced he had been banging guys. His wife stood with him as he announced the news. In a bit of d√©j√† vu all over again today, Governor Spitzer’s wife stood by his side as he apologized for his transgressions.

Now I don’t plan to ever run for office, but if I do, and I get caught doing something like this, and I ask Mrs. Quip to stand with me at the press conference, I hope she has the good sense to tell me to fuq myself.

Honestly, if I got busted banging prostitutes (much less other dudes), I would have to postpone the press conference until after a) the hospital stay or b) the penile reattachment surgery AND hospital stay. There is no way in hell she’d be standing there next to me.

The only possible explanation I can see for these women standing there would be if they had known about their proclivities for so long that it was simply not a big deal to them any longer. Either that or they’re some sort of brain dead Stepford wives that are programmed to do whatever their told regardless how humiliating.

Written by Michael Turk