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Some Unsolicited Advice for Kay Daly’s Sophomoric Campaign

At 11:20 last night I got an email from Kay Daly’s campaign to unseat Republican Renee Elmers. For those who may not know about Daly, she is running as a “RINO Hunter”. This is her ad announcing that she’s a RINO Hunter (and yes, sadly, it’s real).

And this is her email, from Dr. James Dobson:

Dear Fellow Conservative,

It is my pleasure to be among the many solid conservatives who are supporting Kay Daly’s effort to replace Renee Ellmers as Congressman for North Carolina’s 2nd District.

Since the 1980s Kay has been a faithful warrior in the fight for the traditional values and religious liberties we hold dear. Conservatives know Kay best as President of the Coalition for a Fair Judiciary, and as winner of the prestigious Ronald Reagan Award from the American Conservative Union (ACU) at its 30th Annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). Some will have heard her on my own radio show, or seen her on Fox News, or CBN.

On the other hand, conservatives will know Rep. Renee Ellmers best for her opposition to the Marriage Protection Amendment, her sponsorship of the radical Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), and for withdrawing her sponsorship of the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act on the very day Kay Daly and a half-million pro-life advocates were marching in Washington to mark yet another tragic anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

Kay Daly’s principles are firmly rooted in a Judeo-Christian world view. She has solemnly promised to follow those principles in Congress, rather than the dictates of a failed Republican leadership. Many claim they have such courage; I believe Kay is among the precious few who will actually hold fast to her promise.

Writing as a private individual and not on behalf of the organization I represent, I am pleased to endorse Kay Daly’s candidacy for the U.S. Congress, North Carolina, 2nd Congressional District.

Please visit her web site, and consider how you can help give North Carolina’s 2nd District a Congressman more representative of their traditional conservative values.

Yours Truly,
James C. Dobson, Ph.D

So Daly’s first email to a new list of prospects focuses her fire on the only two issues she seems to care about – abortion and same sex marriage. As if those are the two greatest threats to America today.

So let me offer some unsolicited advice to Daly. Ten days after the Paris attacks, on a day that the State Department has issued a global travel advisory warning of intelligence that there are plans for more attacks, maybe, just maybe, you would be wise to actually address the worries of the day.

Tell me why Renee Elmers is a worse choice to keep me safe. Tell me why Renee Elmers is no different than Obama on issues of National Security.

But what you absolutely failed to do is make me take you seriously as someone who has ideas on anything other than two hot button religious topics.When faced with actual danger from terrorist threat, most people could give a damn less about whether Adam and Steve are marching down to the courthouse. You have demonstrated a myopic view of the world that does not, in any way, address the issues MOST people are currently concerned with.

Granted, there is a small and very vocal minority that your kind of crazy appeals to, but serious people want serious candidates discussing serious solutions. The content and timing of your email demonstrates that you have no place at that table.

Written by Turk