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Some Advice For Democrats

PoliticsThe wall Street Journal yesterday carried an article about labor organizing around the coming election. In it, there was a significant fact. Union membership is down to 7.8% of the private sector employment. That means 92% of the private sector isn’t covered by a union. That becomes very significant very quickly. Keep reading.

Denver is making a bid to host the Democrat’s convention in 2008. They are on a short list of cities and will learn of their fate later this year. Back in May, I posted on the reasons I think they should win. Today there is an indication that I may have overestimated the Democrats desire to win.

The AP is reporting the Democrats might skip Denver because of union loyalty.

You see, the Minneapolis-St. Paul bid benefits from the fact that 13 out of the 96 hotels that would be used are union. Denver doesn’t have any union hotels. So despite the fact that 92% of private sector employees are not union, and the fact that only 13.5% of the Minnesota hotels are unionized, that is still reason to turn your back on the West.

It really is a stupid argument, but one I think might actually hold sway with the liberal party. The Democrats stand to gain so much more if they make a concerted push into the mountain West based on an agenda that pushes less institutional rigidity and more recognition of individual liberty. They’re likely, however, to cave to the unions because that’s what they do.

I still stand by my prediction that they’ll end up in Denver. The truth is the people pushing the lack of Union hotels are the people competing against Denver for the convention. The Democrats are, however, tied to their antiquated machinery. It would not surprise me if they pick a union friendly city rather than making a serious effort to appeal to the purple states of the Rocky Mountain region.

Written by Michael Turk